Avoid Bad Computing Habits

Here are some tips for bad habits to avoid when using a computer. They are but no means all the things that should be avoided but hey are a good start. In future posts we will provide more information.

  • Using the Same Password for Everything.
  • Ignoring Software Updates.
  • Downloading Free Software.
  • Not Using Two-Factor Authentication.
  • No Lock Screen Protection.
  • No Computer Password.
  • No Anti-Virus/Anti Malware.
  • Uploading Files to the Cloud with No Precautions.
  • Open and/or Clicking Links in E-mail.
  • Downloading E-Mail Attachments
  • Using Sites Beginning with HTTP://.
  • Checking Anything Personal/Private on Public Wi-Fi.
  • Clicking on Virus Warning Pop-Ups.
  • Using Simple/Sequential Passwords
  • Downloading Files from Unknown Sites.
  • Weak Wi-Fi passwords.

You Can Never Be To Careful With You’re Personal Security!

  • Agreeing to all Terms on Software Installation.
  • Dissmissing privacy Concerns.
  • Using a Cell Phone as a Secure Device.
  • Not using a VPN while on Public Wi-Fi.

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