Software Updates

Software updates are an important part of keeping your your computer safe.

Windows Updates

These generally happen every Tuesday automatically. You computer will restart automatically or a yellow dot will appear on the lower left of your task bar.

It can also be displayed on the power button. The restart should be done as soon as possible for system security.

Additionally you should check Windows update by going to Start – Setting – Windows Update one a quarter at least. You can look for optional updates and install them. These are generally feature updates that will, if not installed, eventually effect performance.

Additionally you will want to update application software as this can be an entry point for hackers. Updates are generally offered by the software manufacturer through the the application.

Beware of pop-ups in your web browser offering updates. These are generally phishing operations to compromise your computer. My advice is to right click on the browser on the taskbar and select close. Feel free to contact us for additional information.