Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two factor Authentication is very important particularly when using secure site such as banking. Although it may be inconvenient it provides a level of security that can’t be matched simply by using a password.

The are various forms of to factor authentication including:

  • Pass Code – This is a texted or emailed pass code and a good form of authentication. It is the least secure as if your phone or email is compromised you are at risk.
  • Online Pass Code – This is a service provided by a secure internet connection. It is better then the first because you are required to set up a user name and password. We suggest a complex previously unused password.
  • Fob Pass Code – This is the most secure form of authentication. It requires the user to self generate a pass code at random that is authenticated with the server. The code is secure and regenerated every time you use it. Problems you need a=the fob with you at the time of login. There is additional security as someone would need your user name and password and the fob to access your account. Additionally fobs are generally unlabeled so if you loose it, it gives no hint to what it is used for or your user name and password.